Hybrid creative, exploring the future with design,
technology and storytelling. Passionately curious.

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Thinker. Maker. Speaker.

A hybrid creative with more than 18 years of award-winning consultancy experience across sectors, competencies and across the globe, Lasse is passionate about exploring the frontier of digital experiences, with relentless curiosity, empathy and strategy. Envisioning futures and solving human problems at the intersection of design, technology and storytelling. Inventing simple solutions and crafting compelling experiences. Making things people want, moving minds and moving markets.

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200 slides in 20 min. Let's go!

Seasoned public speaker, both in a conference, academia and professional context. 2 or 2000 people, the content is always presented with visual expertise, humor and confident delivery.

Talks include:

Artificial Empathy: Designing relationships with personality

Innovation alchemy: How to inspire ideation and strike gold

Futurology: Human imagination meets machine learning

Being wrong is right: Faliure is all thats left

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